SSATB Webinar: Be The Newbie Who Knows

We would like to thank SSATB for allowing us to participate in their professional development Webinar series on Tuesday, November 5th. We were so excited to present in this forum and to see all of the Newbie admission professionals whom joined us. If you missed the presentation you can watch it here:

A huge thank you to the following schools whom joined us last Tuesday:

A Better Chance

Academy at the Lakes

 Adda Clevenger School

Allen Academy

Allendale Columbia School

 Andrew Osborne Academy

Beacon School

Capitol Hill Day School

Chapel-Hill Chauncey Hall School

 Colorado Rocky Mountain School

Colorado Springs School

Delta West Academy

Foxcroft School 

Gould Academy

Hamden Hall

Madeira School 

McLean School of Maryland

Miami Country Day School

Middlesex School

Miquon School

Monarch School

Mount Vernon Presbyterian School

Orme School

Poly Prep

Ravenscroft School

Saint Louis School

Saint Paul’s School

San Domenico School

St. Peter’s School

Stoneleigh-Burnham School

The Burlington School

The MacDuffie School

The Miami Valley School

The White Mountain School

Trinity School

Wasatch Academy

Wilbraham & Monson Academy 

Worcester Academy

We encourage you all to join this Newbie universe! Please contact us if you would like to contribute to the Newbie Who Knows blog. We welcome guest blog posts 🙂

Allison & Caroline,

By newbiewhoknows

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