The Traveling Newbie


Where do your travels take you this season? Regardless of the geographical location, traveling can certainly provide the newbie with an added avenue for success. Moreover, making the most of your designated travel can help you to quickly prove your value to the office. Give your Director a reason to send you on the road. Here’s how:

Most of our assigned trips are centered around boarding school fairs. While fairs are great opportunities to collect inquiries and speak with potential families, you need to do more. As the great Kevin Blaum would say, “go the extra mile”.

What do we mean?

1. Feeder schools

Are there feeder schools near/around where you will be traveling? If so, make an appointment with the high school placement director. [An additional blog post will focus on how to make the most of these visits]

2. Inquiries

Have you received recent inquiries from where you will be traveling? If so, make an effort to reach out. Grab a coffee with the parents, meet the student for lunch, or attend their soccer game.

3. Alumni

Are there alums in the area? If so, reach out! Connecting with alums allows them to feel connected to your school, the current office staff in admissions, and make them feel like they are making a difference. Let them know how they can help spread the word about your office. You never know when you might need them to cover a fair or even host a gathering.

4. Parents

Are there current or past students from where you will be traveling? Reach out to their parents. Maybe it’s a current student– reach out to the parents and take them out for lunch. Remind them of how well their son/daughter is excelling at your school. Talk about retention. Additionally, reach out to past parents– word of mouth is invaluable. Let them do the talking. Let them help you. Make them feel special.

5. Trustees

Do you have current and/or past trustees in the area? Ask them if they have time to meet with you. Talk about a wealth of information and a possible “in” in a niche market area. They may have connections yet to be discovered.

6. Consultants

Are there consultants in the area? Are there some whom have referred more students than others? Make an effort to make them feel special as well. Bring them up to speed on the up and coming events at your school.

Go the extra mile. Exceed expectations. Get your name out there.

That’s all for now….stay tuned for the next blog!

-The traveling Newbie.

By newbiewhoknows

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