Newbies and the Balance: The Hats


At the end of our work day, we as admission reps and educators should take some time to look in the mirror and reflect on a job well done.

Nothing gives away a newbie’s good day like a bad case of hat hair!

Independent schooling requires those of us within the system to take on countless roles in support of both our students and our institution. On any given day you may find yourself the Assistant Director of Admission; (hat change) the head soccer coach; (hat change) the substitute history teacher; (hat change) and for the lucky few, the chaperone to this weekend’s mixer. Whatever hat you may be wearing at day’s end, be proud of the matted mess that lie beneath it.

Yesterday, my hair was a mess!

I proudly rocked my Admission hat all the way to work, stopping only once to remove it, address a dress code issue and continue on my way. Dress code… It’s one of the grey areas that can mess up those professional locks before your day has even started.

Like any school, we have rather specific rules by which we expect our students to abide. From day one, we newbies will find ourselves between rocks and hard places. These hard places often present themselves to us in the form of dress code, bed times, due dates and of late, Technology.

Allow me to make a clear declaration; I love technology. I love change, and I love that tiny apple on the back of everything I hold close to my hand, heart and ear. In addition to this, I love structure. I love how students adapt and thrive in an environment where we, as their mentors, hold them to specific expectations.  So, when it comes time for morning meeting, classes or practice to begin… and I spot a cellular device… #itsmine!

Newbies, pay close attention to this one…

Never back down. Odds are, you’re new to the office, you may be new to the school itself. No predator on this earth knows a Newbie better than a teenager looking for their grey area. Establish yourself! Use these nagging opportunities to take a profound stance, (in support of your institution’s rules and regulations) and never, ever back down.

From one office to another.  Have a great day.

Twitter: @NewbieWhoKnows

By newbiewhoknows

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