How to be a Newbie: Numbers

figure_raises_arrow_400_clr_12404During my first few months in independent school admission, I found myself constantly searching for websites, organizations, and blogs aimed at directing and educating the new admission officer. The problem? Nothing of the sort exists. We, as an industry, have overarching organizations such as SSATB, NAIS, and AISAP, but nothing specific for the new admission professional.

Our hope is that this blog fills the gap. Let’s start with September.

You’re new and it’s September. What do you do? How do you make an impressionable impact on your institution with a limited knowledge base?


Over the course of the next few weeks, find answers to the following questions:

1. What was your most recent yield from inquiry to interview? Inquiry to visit? And to application?

2. How many seniors will you graduate this year?

3. What is your acceptance rate?

4. How many of your students whom enrolled for ’13-’14 came from educational consultants?

Let’s start with this. How well did you do? What are your numbers?

By newbiewhoknows

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